Between the hail storms that frequently hit Denver each summer and the increase of drivers filling up the roads, dents and door dings are becoming a frequent issue for drivers across our fair city. While a single dent may not seem like a big deal, that one little mark can cause a surprising reduction in your car’s value. Even more important, dents and dings can impact the safety and longevity of your vehicle. For example, even a small crack in your car’s paint can open the door for rust to grow, and you may never notice it because the spreading rust is hidden under the paint.

Dent Repair

It’s common to hear people talk about avoiding dent repair because they know it’s labor intensive, which quickly equates to expensive repairs. When it comes to traditional dent repair, that’s pretty accurate. Traditional dent repair is costly because it involves filling in the dent, rather than repairing it. It also takes a lot of work to sand and smooth the edges between filler and paint, match the paint, and cover up the repaired patch.

Paintless dent repair is less hassle and typically less expensive because we don’t need to go through all of those steps to get your car looking like new again. One of the biggest flaws with traditional dent repair is that it isn’t a great long-term solution. It’s covering over the issue instead of fixing it; your vehicle may look better, but that repair work doesn’t actually repair the damage. With these traditional approaches to dent repair, it’s common for the dent to be filled in with a “body filler” that is made to match the paint and exterior of your vehicle. You will get body filler to fill in the dent, and then usually some sanding is done to level out the body filler. So, what do you get with traditional dent repair? You get your dents filled in — meaning the dents still exist! If the filler erodes, then that dent will still show up. Not so with paintless dent repair.

The reason paintless dent repair is the better choice is because it actually removes the indentations, rather than just covering them up. Paintless dent repair is actually worthy of the name “repair,” as it is fully removing dents, dings, and indentations. This is not mere cosmetic cover up. It is true repair.

Paintless Dent Repair

During paintless dent repair, the technician will need to have access to the inside of the vehicle in some way, so they can get to the backside of the dent. Depending on the location of the dent, this may be simple enough that a dent repair technician can handle the repairs right there in your driveway. However, some locations are harder to reach, so you may still need a quick trip to the auto body repair shop.

At AJ’s Dent, we’ll come to you to provide a repair estimate and let you know whether we need to bring your vehicle to our shop or not.

Paintless dent repair pretty well describes the basics of what we do. By accessing the inside of your car’s paneling, we can get to the underside of a dent and use specialized tools to press the dent back into the proper shape. There’s no need to sand away paint or go through other work-intensive steps.

This is why it’s called paintless dent repair: unlike traditional dent repair, no paint and no filler is needed at all. This means the process requires fewer materials and resources, making more affordable and more environmentally-friendly. As long as we can access the inside of the dent, AJ’s Dent Repair can repair it without affecting paint and protective coatings.

Quick, Lasting Repairs

Unlike traditional dent repair, paintless dent removal is a quick process. It’s also a more lasting, durable repair. With our paintless dent repair services in Denver, you won’t just be getting a short-term fix. Paintless dent repair is not merely cosmetic. That’s the beauty: with paintless dent repair, you are actually repairing the damage! No more dents.

Want to learn more? Just give us a call, and a member of our team will be happy to answer your questions. Connect with the AJ’s Dent team to schedule your estimate in Denver and many surrounding areas. See the benefits of paintless dent repair for yourself!

Paintless Dent Repair And Hail Damage

Did you know that Colorado and Texas are both in the top three states for frequency of major hailstorms? Colorado and Texas are both beautiful states with lots to offer — but they’re certainly not strangers to major storm events. When that hail starts to fall — and it will — then you can rest assured that paintless dent repair will help cover and all damages. Of course, it’s essential to take proper precautions to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe from hail damage. But in our states where hail is as frequent and as intense as it is, some hail damage is inevitable. That’s where the professionals at AJ’s Dent Repair come in.

The advantages of paintless dent repair during hail season are many. So, what does paintless dent repair during hail season offer?

Faster results means less time spent with all those dings on the body of your car

Lower cost means saving money for more important things

No chemicals means it’s more eco-friendly

Full repair of the dents (not just a cover-up) means longer-lasting results

When that hail rolls around, you want to have these benefits so you can take care of your dents in a fast, efficient, and affordable manner. The paintless dent repair services offered by AJ’s Dent in Denver offers precisely that.

Why Choose AJ’s?

The benefits of paintless dent repair are vast. It’s longer lasting, eco-friendly, more affordable, fast, and efficient — and the list goes on. But AJ’s is more than just paintless dent repair. There are many reasons to choose us when the worst has happened and you’re faced with damage to the exterior of your vehicle. We take pride in our work and offer more than just a dent repair service.

So, why choose AJ’s?

Expertly-trained technicians

Cutting-edge dent repair technology and tools

Affordable and convenient services

Lifetime warranties available

Unmatched attention to detail

Free pick up and delivery

We come to you!

Free estimates

Save Some Serious Time With Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is fast. It’s a whole lot faster than traditional dent repair. Without the need for fillers and paints, there’s no wait to let these things set and dry. Paintless dent repair can be so fast, in fact, that you can often get it done in a single appointment — sometimes in less than an hour!

Depending on the damage, AJ’s Dent Repair can get you in and out in the time it takes for you to grab a coffee. And if, for whatever reason, the paintless dent repair process does take more time, there are instances where we will get you set up with a free rental car. In addition to all of that, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our work. Not only will you get fast and efficient service, but you will get peace of mind too. Contact us for more information.