When your vehicle is dinged, dented, or the body is damaged in any way, you want to find a quick and effective solution. Ideally, you want a solution that won’t break the bank either or require you to be without your vehicle longer than necessary. Here at AJ’s Dent, we have the perfect solution. We provide paintless dent repair, which is a fast and effective solution for removing dents.

From hail damage to parking lot catastrophes, we can quickly remove dents from your vehicle. Unlike traditional dent repair services, which require sanding down the area and attempting to match the paint to fill in the dent, we actually remove the dent utilizing specialized tools. The end result is a beautiful repair of your vehicle, without any worries about mismatched paint or the wearing away of the fix down the road. In fact, we back our work with a lifetime warranty.

The Dent Repair Process

Whether hail just moved through the area or you are finally getting around to fixing the dents in your car from a parking lot debacle, we are here to help. When you work with AJ’s Dent, the process is simple.

1. Reach Out For A Free Estimate

The first place to begin is to reach out to our team for a free estimate. We can assess what kind of work you will need done and how long the process will take.

2. Bring Your Car In Or We Come To You

Depending on where you are located and how extensive of repairs are needed, we can either come to you or have you bring your vehicle into our shop. From there, we can get to work.

3. Turnaround Time Is Fast

Once we get to work, it won’t be long before your car is ready to be returned to you. Due to the simplicity of the process, turnaround time is extremely efficient. For this reason, paintless dent repair is a great choice during the hail season when most auto body shops are backed up.

4. You Are Provided With A Lifetime Warranty

Unlike traditional methods, paintless dent repair actually restores your vehicle. This means that there is no worry about the added paint wearing down over the years. We back our work with a lifetime warranty.

Request A Free Estimate

Are you ready to get started? We will be happy to provide you with a free estimate. If you have any questions, we will also be happy to walk you through the dent repair process. Fill out the form below for more information about our paintless dent repair services. We look forward to assisting you soon.