When hail sweeps through, it’s often unavoidable. After all, how often have you been out making a quick run to the store or stuck at work without a single protective covering when an afternoon hailstorm hits? For those of us living along the Front Range, it’s a common enough occurrence. The important thing to do when hail hits is to get under cover quickly and protect yourself from injury. Unfortunately, if you’re caught by hail away from home, there isn’t always a way to protect your vehicle the way you should protect yourself.

If your vehicle has been pockmarked and dinged up by a recent hail storm, don’t despair! With paintless dent repair, professional auto body repair services like AJ’s Dent can help you get your car back to its former smooth lines quickly and with minimal hassle. Here’s what you need to know:

Where To Start With Hail Repair

First things first, if you have comprehensive and collision coverage included in your auto insurance policy, you’ll want to call your insurance claims center. Hail storms fall into the “act of nature” category, meaning your comprehensive coverage will apply — and since it’s something you have no control over, you won’t generally see an impact on your insurance premiums. 

Starting the claims process as soon as possible can help expedite how quickly you can have your vehicle repaired. In order to process your claim, your insurance company will almost always require an estimate of the damage from a local auto body repair company. At AJ’s Dent, we can provide you with an estimate and work with your insurance company to keep your claim rolling along.

After The Estimate

Once your auto insurance claims department has had a chance to process the estimate, they’ll let you know how to proceed. If your vehicle is newer, they’ll likely tell you how much your policy is going to pay to cover repairs, then proceed to send you a check. If your vehicle is older, however, the cost for hail repair may be near or more than the value of your car. Generally, repair costs that are near or more than the value of a vehicle will result in your car being “totaled” — yes, even if your car still runs just fine. If your car is deemed a total loss, you’ll have to choose between giving them your vehicle in exchange for a check or keeping your vehicle and accepting a check (with the caveat that you won’t be able to make any more claims on that vehicle).

There’s no need to wait for your insurance to pay out before getting your car’s dents repaired, either. Often, insurance providers will pay you directly just as easily as they pay a dent repair service, so scheduling your hail dent removal ahead of time can mean you don’t have a long line of other hail-dented cars in front of you. Choosing paintless dent removal can often speed up the process, as this type of dent removal is much quicker than traditional dent repair processes.

Want to learn more about repairing hail damage on vehicles? Explore how paintless dent removal works and schedule your Denver hail damage estimate with AJ’s Dent today.