Frequently Asked Questions About Paintless Dent and Car Hail Repair

We want to be sure that you get the answers you need to make the best choice when it comes to the repair of your car. Below are a some frequently asked questions about our car hail repair services and the paintless dent repair (PDR) process.

What is paintless dent repair? ▼

Paintless dent repair is a method for removing minor dents, dings, and hail damage from the body of a vehicle. This method differs from traditional dent repair in that it doesn’t require any filling, sanding, or repainting of the vehicle’s protective finish. PDR is performed using special tools that gently push the dent out of the surface without disturbing the paint.

Why should I opt for paintless dent repair?

There are many benefits to using PDR to repair your vehicle. Paintless dent repair provides high-quality repairs that maintain the original factory finish of your vehicle. PDR works so well because it avoids some of the common issues that happen with conventional dent repair techniques that use grinding, bondo, fillers, and primers that can result in color match issues, paint shrinkage, or other unwanted effects months after the repair is completed. Paintless dent repair does not use chemicals during the car hail repair process, which means the process is 100 percent environmentally friendly. Repairs can cost 1/4 – 1/3 less then conventional auto body repair and can be done in less than an hour in some cases.

Do you guarantee quality?

At AJ’s Dent, we provide a limited lifetime warranty on our work because we stand behind the quality of every dent repair job we perform. We guarantee all of our repairs for the life of the vehicle as long as you own it.

Can you perform the repair onsite?

We can come to your Denver home (or other nearby location) for a dent repair estimate and evaluation, and in some cases, we can perform car hail repair onsite in just an hour. Most repairs require a bit more time and will need to spend time in our shop to ensure lasting quality for your dent removal work.

Do you work with my insurance?

At AJ’s dent, we work with all auto insurance and we strive to make the claim process easy. You simply contact your insurance claim center and select AJ’s Dent in Denver as your preferred vendor. Schedule your estimate and we do the rest.

What kinds of damage can PDR fix?

Paintless dent repair works on a whole variety of different sized and shaped dents in just about any place on your vehicle. Some dents can be in hard to reach places, which can make repairs take longer, but nearly all dents are good candidates for PDR. The AJ’s Dent team will start by providing you with a free dent repair estimate so you can know what to expect based on your vehicle’s damage.

Will I need more than one appointment? How long does it take?

Paintless dent repair has a major benefit over traditional dent repair in that our car hail repair process is a lot faster. We work to remove your dents rather than filling them in, so there’s no wait time while filler or paint sets. This means that we can repair most dents in a single appointment. Better yet, we can often get car hail repairs done in under an hour so you aren’t stuck without your vehicle for days at a time.

What are the benefits of PDR versus traditional dent repair?

Traditional dent repair doesn’t actually remove or repair the dent the way you might expect. Instead, they use a long-term filler to cover over the blemish, then sand, paint, and protect the damaged spot.

We don’t do that. Paintless dent repair involves pressing the dents out carefully using specialized tools. We avoid using chemicals that eventually wear down, so you don’t need to worry about signs of damage appearing later. On top of being more eco-friendly, paintless dent repair is also faster, less expensive, and offers longer-lasting results. Then, in addition to those perks, when you work with AJ’s Dent, we offer:

  • A lifetime warranty on our work, as long as you own the vehicle
  • A free rental car*
  • Free pickup and delivery
  • Fast turnaround so you’re without your car for less time
  • A free estimate to give you an idea of how long repairs will take and what it will cost
  • Onsite work for many repairs — we travel throughout Denver, down to Colorado Springs, and north across the Front Range to bring our car hail repair services to you (depending on the location of the damage)

What happens to my car’s paint during paintless dent removal?

Nothing! Modern-day automotive paint and protective coatings are made to be more flexible so they don’t crack or shatter in the event of car hail damage. This means, as long as your paint wasn’t damaged when your vehicle was dented, we can push your dents out and get your car looking like new again without affecting the paint job.

Will my dents come back?

No way, absolutely not! With traditional dent repair, if something happens to the paint or filler, the dent may reappear over time. That’s not the case with paintless dent repair. We actually remove the dents, so there’s no worry about them reappearing or coming back over time — well, not unless you get caught in another hail storm.

Will dents be 100 percent removed?

In almost all cases, yes. Most minor dents can be removed easily and leave no sign the area was ever damaged. However, there are some deeper dents and some locations on your vehicle that are harder to fully repair. In the event that we can’t completely remove a dent, or if we can’t reach a dent to fully smooth it out, our team will keep you in the know.

If you have additional questions about car hail damage and paintless dent repair, the AJ’s Dent team is happy to help. Give us a call or submit an estimate request to get personalized information and schedule your affordable car hail repair today.