1. Preparing For Hail Season: The Science Behind Hail

    You live in Colorado. You know what serious hail looks like. You’ve done the research on what to do to prevent hail damage to your car. You’ve even read about the benefits of paintless dent repair when hail damage occurs. In an ideal world, you would never need to worry about hail damage or gett…Read More

  2. Say Hail No to Hail Damage: 3 Tips For Preventing Hail Damage

    The season is upon us for increased amounts of hail. As spring comes to a close and the weather begins to change, folks in both Denver and Dallas will begin to see a lot more rain and hail. The professionals at AJ’s Dent Repair are here to provide the tips and tricks you need to prevent hail damag…Read More

  3. 4 Benefits Of Paintless Dent Repair During Hail Season

    With spring in Colorado comes powerful thunderstorms. These storms are often severe and damaging. High winds paired with large hail makes spring storm season across the Front Range a catastrophic season for any items standing in the way. This is particularly true for vehicles, which are often severe…Read More

  4. Do You DIY? Why You Should Say No To DIY Dent Repair

    During the spring and early summer, hail is just a fact of life here along the Front Range. Whether you’re south in Colorado Springs, here in Denver, or up north in Boulder, hail happens. On a good day, it’ll happen when you’re in a position to protect your vehicles, either in the garage at ho…Read More